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5 Components Of Physical Fitness

And What Role Do They Play In Our Fitness Level?

Five components of physical fitness is what gives us the ability to function effectively throughout the day. Each of the 5 components of physical activity play an important role for your performance, your daily activities and help you cope well under pressure and the stress that comes with life.

Being in shape is really important for everyone. Some might ask "why?", and to answer the question, it’sbecause there are a lot of benefits to being in shape. Here are the top 5 components of physical fitness, highlighting the importance of staying in shape.

1. If you stay in shape, you will most likely live a longer and healthier life. Regular exercise will reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure or cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and having a stroke.

2. Being physically fit, you will have more energy and strength.Those who never work out are always complaining of fatigue and being tired; those who do workout, always have the energy to do more things.

3. People who diet to lose weight, normally gain the weight they lost pretty quickly, after they’ve lost the weight. This is because they’re not getting any exercise. Working out three times a week will increase your odds of keeping your weight off.

4. Regular exercise will strengthen your immune system, which means you won’t get sick as often. I can vouch for this. When I started dieting and working out regularly, I haven’t been sick.

5. The best part is, you’ll look and feel better. There is nothing better than building confidence and feeling better about yourself. Who wouldn’t feel better about themselves if they’re healthy and in shape?

So, physical fitness is very important and people should take it more seriously. Being fit will decrease any heart problems in the future, you’ll get your energy back and you’ll feel better about yourself.

Recommended Physical Activity Programs

treadmill trainer

Treadmill Trainer

Treadmills are the number one home and gym fitness equipment among exercisers. Millions of people use a treadmill daily, to stay in shape and lose weight. Treadmills are popular because of their ability to produce results and they are easy to use. Nowadays, treadmills are well advanced and come with a variety of workouts and featured programs, making you achieve your goals easier than you ever expected.

Treadmill Trainer is an audio workout program that is customized specifically for you, it is like having your own personal trainer in your pocket; guiding, motivating, encouraging and helping you achieve your weight loss goals, every step of the way.

Treadmill Trainer is the number one Mp3 audio workout program, according to fitness experts and consumers.

Fitter U

FitterU is the world's first 12-week, body shaping fitness training program for iPod/mp3 players. If you ever thought getting fit is impossible and costly, you are wrong. Now, you can easily download your workout program into your Mp3 player or iPod and have it in your pocket while training. It is like having your own personal trainer for free.

This Mp3 fitness program features 35 hours of full body circuit training and interval cardio workouts led by Yuri Elkaim, Canada's top trainer.You don’t need fancy fitness equipment for this workout program. All you need is a stability ball, a few dumbbells, a step, and a cardio machine, such as treadmill. Lose weight and get fitter than ever, without hiring a trainer.

Get your copy of Fitter U HERE

What is the Best Treadmill Workout Program?

Treadmill Workout

Training by yourself on a treadmill can be hard and challenging to say the least especially if you are a beginner, and this is one of the reasons why many people get bored after a few weeks of using a treadmill.

Treadmill trainer is a great Mp3 / Ipod workout program that every treadmill user should have, it is like having your own personal trainer motivating, encouraging and helping you every step of the way.

Treadmill trainer workout program will not only motivate you but will also increase your chances of getting fitter than you've ever been and lose weight faster than you ever thought is possible on the treadmill.

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