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Image Treadmills

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Image treadmills are a brand of budget treadmills that come with advanced design features for treadmills in the “budget” price range. The Image brand of treadmills I have found in my research are consistently praised, for providing better value for money than other brands of treadmill in this price range.

The Advantages

Icon Health and Fitness, a major player in the health and fitness industry, produce Image Treadmills. Icon is the world’s largest manufacturer of exercise and fitness equipment. The company not only produces treadmills (and other fitness equipment), they also do all of the industrial design, research, marketing and development of their products in house.

Icon Image treadmills produce the well known brands of fitness equipment, such as Reebok and Gold’s Gym under license, as well as producing their own well known brands Health Rider, Pro Form and Weslo.

There are several models available under the Image treadmill brand, chief among these are the Image treadmill 16.0 and Image treadmill 17.0; both have been recommended by various reviewers as being the best models of all treadmills in their price ranges. The image 19.0 is considered the best value treadmill in the Image range for price and features; while the Image advanced 3000 is considered the best value treadmill in the slightly higher (over $1000) range.

The design and features offered by Image in these budget treadmills are what reviewers constantly cite as the reason for their favoring of Image over others in the budget market place. The Image brand sells models, from as low as $400 to $1700. These prices are approximate and an actual retail price will depend upon the seller you choose to buy from.

The Drawbacks

Budget treadmills in general have the problem of not being as strong and durable as the higher priced models. Icon treadmills are budget treadmills and suffer from this same complaint. Buy a budget treadmill, and you can expect to find parts wearing out, and repairs being needed much sooner than if you bought a high priced treadmill.

If you are only going to walk or use the treadmill infrequently, this price range is perfect for you;, but if you are really going to give yourself and your treadmill a hard workout, expect to find problems sooner than later.

Icon Image treadmills only offer a 90-day warranty on their base models, but a 12-month warranty on their more expensive advanced series. They are reputed to have very good customer service, whilst the machine is in the warranty period; however, the quality of this customer service is reported to decline, once the warranty period expires.

As Icon performs all of their research and development in house, they are constantly striving to improve their products. Recently, they have been able to source bigger, better motors at cheaper prices, so this feature of their treadmills has improved. They have addressed most of the general complaints about quality and durability, by introducing their advanced range; these ranges, however, do not really fit into the price point of budget treadmills.

Final Word

In conclusion, if you want a budget treadmill, Icon treadmills offers superior design and features; but like all budget treadmills, if you expect to be able to use it like the machine in the gym - very hard and/or for extended periods - expect to start experiencing problems relatively quick.

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