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How To Beat Treadmill Boredom And Enjoy Your Exercise

The biggest obstacle of exercising is to overcome boredom, and treadmill boredom is no different then any other exercises. It is the number one reason why many treadmill users and owners don’t succeed with their weight loss or fitness plans.

Every exerciser gets a little bored with their workouts from time to time and it’s hard enough to stay consistent, without adding boredom to the mix. If you find yourself doing the same thing day after day, check out some ways to beat treadmill boredom.

On a treadmill, you either walk or run, which isn’t fun; although, you can run and walk at different speeds, but that isn’t really much fun.

If you get a treadmill that offers an incline, that keeps it a bit more interesting. Walking uphill at least is different and can be challenging. It will also eliminate treadmill boredom.

You can’t really read on a treadmill because you are bouncing up and down and you can't concentrate on two things (e.g. you can’t keep your eyes on the same sentence and you usually end up with a headache).

The only thing fun to do on a treadmill is watch television or a movie, which isn’t so hard to keep up like reading. This will distract you from concentrating on your treadmill exercise progress. The only downfall to this might be noise from the treadmill machine noise TV . If you can handle the noise, you can keep your treadmill workout from becoming too boring.

10 Ways To Beat Treadmill Boredom

Boredom is the number one enthusiasm and motivation killer when it comes to exercising. It’s happened to me, and it has probably happened to every exerciser on occasion. Here are 10 ways to bring the fun back into a treadmill workout:

Try something new: change your routine and challenge yourself with other workouts. The same routine everyday makes you lose interest and motivation. Motivation is a mental process that links an emotion, feeling, desire, idea, or intellectual understanding, a recognized psychological, physiological, or health need to taking one or more actions. By trying something new, it excites you and, therefore, it motivates you to try harder to achieve results and beat treadmill boredom.

Don't beat yourself: do as much as your body can take, but don’t push it too hard, as you will lose interest in exercising and your chances of getting an injury might be high.

Inspire yourself and track your progress: if your goal is to burn a set amount of calories (e.g. 300 calories), then sustain a healthy diet and exercise regularly to achieve that goal.

Setting goals: is very important for your exercise progress. Set goals that relate to those benefits that are most important to you (e.g. loosing weight, being fit, fitting into that dress, etc.) Make your goals challenging but realistic; for example, if it takes you 18 minutes to walk a treadmill for a mile, aim higher to walk a mile in 15 minutes, or even in 11 minutes.

Add variety: of different workouts to your treadmill exercise, such as. interval training, cross training, walking on toes and heels, and incline intervals.

Entertain yourself: while exercising on treadmill, the most popular modes of entertainment are watching TV or movie. You can also listen to the radio or music. It is the easiest way to entertain yourself and it takes your mind off the boring routine, freeing your mind to think of other things.

Treat yourself: with little things (e.g., a new workout outfit or shoes). Getting new clothes or shoes can add a new level of excitement and challenge, and it can show you the level of accomplishment you've achieved so far. Maybe you dropped two dress sizes, which can bring motivation and excitement back to your workout routine.

Video workouts: train with video workout sessions.

Take a break: excising can be mentally challenging as schedule sessions get hectic. It won’t hurt to take time off or cut back a little. For example, do a 30 minute routine instead of 60 minutes; or alternatively workout 2 to 3 days a weak, rather than everyday.

Make a friend: working out by yourself can be lonely, but adding a workout buddy to your routine may help in making you more accountable to working out. You most likely won’t skip a workout if someone is depending on you.

Final Word

The treadmill is a perfect choice for home fitness equipment for many people. It allows you to walk or run in the security and privacy of your own home. However, it can be boring working out on a treadmill, as it is mainly a walking and running exercise routine. Treadmill boredom can be avoided by entertaining yourself with TV, radio, finding a training partner, shortening the duration of your workout, setting goals and adding varieties to your workout.

Personally I recommend Treadmill Trainer as the best way to beat Treadmill Boredom!.

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