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Get Fit With Treadmill Trainer

And Transform Your Body Shape With the Help of Canada's Top Personal Trainer on Your iPod

Working out on treadmill alone can be hard without the guidance of treadmill trainer. We all need a coach, mentor or trainer with specialized knowledge in treadmills and experience to guarantee us maximum results in minimal time. Have you ever wondered:-

  • Am I running at the right speed and how can I run faster and further?
  • How can I burn more calories with my treadmill?
  • What can I do to be the best runner I can be?
  • How can I loose weight on treadmill as fast as I can?
  • How to get motivated with my treadmill workout?

Imaging if you had a treadmill trainer audio workout program to carry around in your pocket, any time you want you could order your treadmill trainer to motivate you, push you a litter further and provide structure to your treadmill workout.

Hiring a good fitness trainer costs $75 dollars per hour, is not something many of us could afford. It is the reason why many people choose to workout at home rather than at the gym to cut the cost of gym and trainer fees.

The best thing about treadmill trainer workouts is it if designed specifically for the user. Yuri uses your fitness level as a gauge and helps you get out what you put into your runs. Each running speed is relative to you not some random number, he will make you run the speed that you comfortable with at the same time help you burn the maximum calorie you can.

Whether you are faster or slower runner than the next person but both of you will have an equally amazing running experience since you'll be running against your own maximum heart rate and intensity. In exercise heart rate is used to estimate effort in another word your overall performance. Measured by speed and distance of every step you take, the faster you run and the longer distance you cover the heart rate increases which results more calories burned.

Who is the founder of Treadmill trainer iPod/ Mp3player?

Yuri and his company Total Wellness Consulting are the industry leader in developing total body workouts for your iPod/MP3 player.

Yuri Elkaim is one of the top personal trainers in and well known in fitness industry with his involvement in sports cubs Canada and with station 7 Reebok. He is an ex soccer player of Canada and France and as the head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the nationally ranked University Toronto Mens Soccer program.

What Is Treadmill Trainer And How Can I Benefit From It?

Treadmill workout trainer program is an audio workout you could listen on your iPod or MP3 player, motivates you to run further and faster on your treadmill than you ever had before.

Yuri has designed a series of MP3 running workouts called the Treadmill Trainer. There are 3 volumes to choose from depending on your fitness level and they feature auditory guidance and motivation from Yuri as well as; heart pumping running music to keep you going when you feel like you can't.

What Makes The Treadmill Trainer MP3 Running Workouts So Effective?

These running workouts are compatible with any iPod or Mp3 player and can be enjoyed on the treadmill or outdoors. Yuri tells you when to speed up, when to slow down, and how long to run for. Essentially you don't have to do any thinking and can therefore enjoy your running experience much more!

Treadmill trainer volume 1

treadmill trainer

If you are new to running or want to be a runner but don’t know how to start, than this audio workout is the right for you. It is designed for people just like you who are new to running and need encouragement and guidance to meet their running and fitness goals.

What I love about volume 1 is; it that it is steady, easy and effective at the same time. It will improve your endurance and pace. This audio workout is 38:28minutes, which will help you become fitter, run longer and shed those extra pounds.

Yuri will lead you step by steptreadmill interval training that consist of walking and jogging, this will help your running experience feel as comfortable and you will not notice where the time gone.

TreadmillTrainer Volume 2

 treadmill workout programAverage treadmill users get bored with exercising on treadmill this is due to lack of motivation and encouragement. If you are one of those people than this audio workout is the right workout program for you.

This45:28 minutes audio workout is designed for intermediate level runners who are fit enough to run longer without walking in between.

Just like volume 1 workout program, volume 2 also consists of aerobic enhancing and calorie burning workouts that help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals. The only difference between volume 1 and 2 is, volume 2 is faster, longer in duration and effective in calorie burning.

TreadmillTrainer Volume 3

 Yuri elkaim treadmill trainerThis audio workout is for advanced runners who wants to run 5 to 12k, it consists of7 different and challenging iPod / mp3 running workouts that will make you burn calories, run faster than you ever thought and help you achieve results.

This 47minutes advanced running workout program will push you beyond your expectation. It is for ambitious runners who want to achieve their goals. By fallowing this workout program for twice a week will improve your running pace, make you more energetic and feel better than you ever have before.

Final word

Working out at home can be lonely and most importantly without the guidance of professionalfitness trainer, which makes harder to achiever results and stay motivated. With the help of Yuri’s guidance you have the guarantee to run faster, further and longer than you ever have.   Most importantly you will not be bored instead entertained with enjoyable and comfortable workouts that will have you full of energy and excitement.

Buy Your Own Copy of Treadmill Trainer HERE

What is the Best Treadmill Workout Program?

Treadmill Workout

Training by yourself on a treadmill can be hard and challenging to say the least especially if you are a beginner, and this is one of the reasons why many people get bored after a few weeks of using a treadmill.

Treadmill trainer is a great Mp3 / Ipod workout program that every treadmill user should have, it is like having your own personal trainer motivating, encouraging and helping you every step of the way.

Treadmill trainer workout program will not only motivate you but will also increase your chances of getting fitter than you've ever been and lose weight faster than you ever thought is possible on the treadmill.

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