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Treadmill Workouts With Weights Routine

Many people think treadmills are only for running and walking; but, you can also them for treadmill workouts with weights, and double the calorie burn in one session. Workouts on the treadmill with a dumbbell can improve your treadmill workouts. Weights add strength and endurance to your workout, and will build your muscles fast. You can get added benefits from your treadmill workouts, by exercising at regular intervals with dumbbells.

Treadmill workouts with Weights Routine

To start with, set a pair of five to twelve pound dumbbells near the treadmill. This will ensure you do not waste time in looking for, and fetching the dumbbells during the workout. Here are the steps you should follow, while you are working out with weights on a treadmill.

Warm up

This is the most essential and integral part of any workout. To start, do a warm up on the treadmill with a 5 minute brisk walk. Don’t hold the machine; instead, move your arms back and forth to get blood circulation going in the shoulder joints. A good treadmill warm up helps flex your muscles and prevents you from frequent injuries.

Walk/Jog Fast for one Minute

This second step will get your body in the exercise mode. Once the 5 minute brisk walk has been completed, set the speed of the treadmill to 6 mph and walk for one minute. If you are new to this workout, you may feel tired but try to push yourself, and complete the entire minute.

Lateral Arm Lifts

To strengthen your arms and your upper body, introduce treadmill workouts with weights into your routines. Take dumbbells and do twenty lateral lifts. This will strengthen your arm muscles.

Go on the Treadmill again

Now, walk with high intensity on your treadmill. Set the speed of the treadmill to 7 mph and jog for one minute.

Repeat this fast walking and lateral arm lift routine, until you reach a speed of 10 mph. Though this can be very hard for beginners, it is a great workout for maximum efficiency. By walking on the treadmill, you are strengthening your legs and with the help of lateral lifts, your arm muscles are gaining strength.

You can devise a lot of other variations using dumbbells and the treadmill. It just depends on the areas you want to target and your strength. You can always start small and with time, increase the intensity of your workout.

However, do remember that it is advised not to take rests between running and lifting. Also, make sure you do not hold onto the treadmill. If you have health problems or are not feeling well after the workout session, consult with your doctor before you attempt another treadmill workout with weights routine.

Recommended Treadmill Workouts with Weights

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