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Used Treadmill: Is It Worth The Investment?

New treadmills are very costly; not many people can afford them. Instead, they buy a used treadmill, which is half the price of a new treadmill. Surveys conducted by consumer research panels showed that people buy fitness equipment, and don’t use them regularly. Realistically speaking, why waste $1500 and above for a machine, that you might not use?

If you are thinking of exercising to get fit, then a used treadmill is an option for you. Whether you are a beginner or regular exerciser, you can benefit from saving a little cash.

Unfortunately, buying a treadmill, whether it is new or used, isn’t as easy as it seems. Like anything else in life, especially when it is a big investment, it requires research and information.

Cheap, used treadmills are a great way to save money, get healthy and protect the environment. However, when buying secondhand fitness equipment, be very cautious, do your homework and make smart decisions along the way.

There are a few things you should consider when buying used fitness equipment, a used commercial treadmill or a cheap, used treadmill. The following things are important to check before purchasing:

Overall condition

When buying a used machine, the most important thing you have to check is the overall condition and construction of the machine. If the machine is in poor condition, then there is no need for you to waste your time and money. The construction of the machine is very important for your own safety, so don’t take it lightly. The used fitness equipment you intend to buy should look and feel sturdy, be firmly planted and should not seem like it could tip over in any direction. The easiest way to check these things is by getting on the machine and running or walking.


Cords are very important; if they are in poor state or broken, it could put your life in danger. They are fire hazard and accident waiting to happen. Make sure they are not exposed in any way and they are functional. There no need to get a secondhand machine that is in good condition, with poor cords. Before you purchase secondhand fitness equipment, ask the seller to hook it up and check whether it is working fully or not. If the machine won’t work, there is no reason to purchase it.


All of the featured programs of the treadmill should be working and in good condition, such as electric heart rate, incline, calorie counter, time and other functions. If any of those don’t work, then don’t waste your money on a half functioning machine.

How to find a used treadmill

There are several places where you can buy used treadmill for sale, such as local newspapers, or online auctions, such as eBay. Assuming you have done research and know what you exactly want, there are many ways to find a secondhand machine nowadays. With help of the internet, you can find a quality secondhand treadmill, both locally and internationally.

Tips for buying a used treadmill

• Be sure that used fitness equipment would serve your workout needs. If it doesn’t meet your workout needs, there is no need to go for it.

• The age of the machine is very important, consider buying used treadmills that are a year old.

• Stay away from treadmills that are more than a year old, most likely these treadmills don’t come with a warranty and they might have mechanical problems that can cost you a lot of money.

• Look for quality machines that have more than 1 year warranty

• Buy a secondhand treadmill from well known store and trusted brand. These treadmills are high quality and built to last long. Look for major brands like NordicTrack, Proform, Bowflex and Horizon.

• Efficiently do your homework and ask the owner lots of questions, to find out if they were the only owne. If the owner is a second owner, it’s probably not worth your money, no matter how low the cost.

• Conduct a product assessment before you purchase a secondhand machine; be certain it is worth the price the seller is demanding for it .

Final Word

Secondhand treadmills are a great way to save money and achieve your fitness goals. When shopping for secondhand fitness equipment, never purchase based on a sellers recommendations. Always check the overall condition of the machine, if the construction of the unit is in good condition, then the treadmill is worth the time and money.

Also, check the cord condition of the secondhand unit, and if the machine is fully functional. If it is not, then don’t consider purchasing it.

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