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10 Minute treadmill Workout Routine

10 minute treadmill workout routine is for beginners, elderly or those who want short workout routines to build up their fitness level. A treadmill is internal body aerobic fitness equipment. Research has shown that you get more out of a treadmill than any other fitness equipment.

The simple reason for this is that walking comes naturally to every human being and thus you can use a treadmill for longer periods of time in one go. If you prefer walking then think of rainy days when you can’t go out. With a treadmill you don’t have to be dependent on weather.

Rather you can go for a walk whenever you wish at the comforts of your home or even office. You can also listen to music, watch your favorite show and even read while working out on a treadmill. The benefits of 10 minute treadmill workout are many. Its great for your heart, improves overall fitness of your body and your body soon rediscovers the lost youth, energy and shape. It is indeed a perfect way to burn that extra flab.

Your 10 minute treadmill workout should be always preceded by warm up exercising. For this purpose you can walk at an easy pace on the treadmill. There are various workout plans that have been designed keeping in mind your needs and areas you want to target the most. Also depending upon the time you have you can pick out a workout that suits you the best.

10 Minute Treadmill Workout Plan

Here are few more details on this workout plan and how it can help you.

A warm up should be followed by a 10 minute brisk pace walk on the treadmill. Brisk walking raises the heart rate and improves cardiovascular functioning. Brisk walking gives a feel of brisk physical exertion but at the same time it is not so strenuous as to make you feel weary after the workout.

10 minute brisk walking on the treadmill is suitable for beginners who can’t attain high impact exercising levels at once. You can keep your treadmill incline at around 10% so as to make it conducive for brisk walking. If you want to burn more calories in 10 minutes you can raise the incline to around 20%.

You should increase your walking pace slowly each week so as to give the heart some time to adapt to the greater effort and stress. The routine should end with relaxing low intensity walking.

With a simple yet effective routine like this you will soon experience great results. Your fitness levels will improve boosting your stamina as well. As an added incentive you will also start looking much younger and would be more energetic in whatever you do. So kick start a new ‘you’ by taking on to a 10 minute treadmill workout routine.

Recommended Treadmill Workout Program

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What is the Best Treadmill Workout Program?

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