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Seven Day Cardio Workout Program

Cardio workout is the best way to improve your fitness, lose weight, and most importantly, enhance your health. If you have a busy life, and do not have the time to go to a gym everyday, then a treadmill can be your fitness companion. Treadmills offer a perfect solution for all who stay pre-occupied in their work, but may not have enough relaxation time for themselves.

If you are bogged down by health concerns or want to lose some weight, a treadmill can provide a great way to get your body back in shape, without commuting to a gym everyday. With the advent of foldable treadmills, you do not have to worry about storage issues anymore.

There are various cardio workout plans that you can opt for, depending upon your need and time availability. Without choosing the right plan, achieving desired results could be a lot tougher. Working out on a treadmill can have a lot of benefits for your heart, especially if you are doing a cardio workout

A Cardiovascular workout program on a treadmill is beneficial for your heart and health. Here is a seven day cardiovascular workout to help improve your fitness and health levels. A 7-day cardio workout program on the treadmill should be as follows:

Seven Day Cardio Workout Plan

Day 1

On the first day, concentrate on doing Zone Pilates on a treadmill. Here, you divide your body into three different target areas, known as "zones". Then, you concentrate on building strength and stamina on those zones, one by one.

Day 2

Do 30 minutes of exercise of your choice that you enjoy. It could be anything from brisk walking to traditional treadmill workouts.These will help improve your stamina and elevate fitness to new levels.

Day 3

Now, try to do interval and strength cardio exercise. To begin, do a bodyweight warm-up; working out with dumbbells on a treadmill is good for strengthening your muscles.

Day 4

You can repeat the routine of the 2nd day on the 4th day.

Day 5

Now, concentrate on the strengthening of your stomach, back, thigh, and core muscles. Try using different weights while walking on a treadmill.

Day 6

Again, it is your day; do thirty minutes of your favorite exercise. You can also invite your friends to join the workout, to lose weight and stay healthy.

Day 7

Make any routine for going outside, such as meeting friends or shopping. However, don't forget that fats should be kept out of your diet. Do not use the treadmill on Sunday. Instead, let your muscles breathe and give them time to heal.

Repeat the workout for a few weeks and you will see great results. Your body will soon be in better shape and you will love your elevated fitness levels and energy.

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