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Sole F63 Treadmill Review

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The Sole F63 treadmill is a high quality treadmill, for low range prices. It is Sole’s most affordable model, and one of the most popular treadmills for under $1000, on the market. If you are considering investing less than a grand on a treadmill, then Sole F63 is the best option for you; from a quality and maintenance point of view.

Fitness experts and consumers rated the Sole F63 as one of the best treadmills in its price range of under $1000. Treadmill Doctor rated the Sole F63 treadmill as a great value for the sale price of $999, and the second best treadmill under $1000.

Sole treadmills are well known for their high quality, and great featured programs; Sole F63 is no different. Sole treadmills are also known for their steadiness, durability, low maintenance and excellent customer service. These qualities are what make Sole treadmills stand out from other brands.
Even their cheaper treadmills are not a waste of money, like other brands; truly, they care about their brand. That is how they earned their reputation as one of the best treadmill manufacturers on the market.

Like any other Sole treadmill, safety is a top priority. The F63 contains a large stop safety switch, which starts from 0.5 mph; even a beginner can comfortably use this model, without holding the hand rails. Other features include cooling fans, speed and incline controls on the arm rests.

TheSole F63 treadmill comes with six workout programs, including cardio training and calorie burning programs that will make you sweat and burn fat. If you ever wanted customized treadmill workout programs, that cover everything and maximizes your chances of losing weight fast, then these workouts are what you need.

Sole F63 treadmill

The F63 treadmill is capable of calculating your calories based on your weight, by entering in your body weight, after selecting your workout program. Not many treadmills have this feature, and it is a great way to keep track of your progress. That is why Sole treadmills stand out than the rest.

The Sole F63 also has 2 custom user programs, where you can enter in your age, weight and create your own customized workout programs, with the ability to save all the information. It is like having your own personal trainer for free. Most custormers reported that they really like the ability to increase the speed and incline, by the touch of button on the railing and also on the console.

Sole F63 Treadmill Weak points

The only two weaknesses most consumers reported were:

·Deck: this treadmill deck is the new model and comes with only 3 years of warranty, which is shorter compared to a few years ago, when it came with a lifetime warranty.

·Noise level: two consumers found the F63 a little noisy, even though most fitness experts rated the noise level quite. Most treadmills are noisy and really, there is no way around it. The motor runs and, unfortunately, it can’t be silenced. The only option is to have your headphones and enjoy your music.

Consumer Reviews

Consumers from Amazon, Buzzillions, and other consumer reviews, rated and reviewed the Sole F63. All the reviews for the Sole F63 were positive, most giving 4 to 5 stars, out of 5.

Most consumers reported that, prior to purchasing a Sole F63, they have searched carefully and weighed the pros and cons of a F63. One consumer said they were attracted to the fancy programs Sole provides, such as calculating calories based on your weight, after selecting your workout programs. The customized workout programs were the highlight for many of the consumers.

Others reported they were very happy with the service and had no problem putting together the F63l; for most people, the assembly was easy. The bottom line: most consumers will recommend this model to anyone who wants to workout at the comfort of their own home, while getting fitter and healthier.

Sole F63 Treadmill Features and Specifications

Warranty: Motor - 20 years, Deck - 3 years, frame - lifetime, electronics/wear items - 3 years, labor - 1 year

Motor: The Motor is the strongest part of the machine, with 2.5 of continuous duty Horsepower, the motor delivers powerful and challenging speeds of up to 10 mph and inclines up to 15 percent. When not in use, the treadmill deck safely locks into place, 100% secured. The F63 comes with 20 years of motor warranty, which is the best deal in the market.

Speed: Range from 1 to 10 mph, if you want to just walk you can and if you want to run you can.

Incline: from 1 to 15% maximum, with rack and pinion gear design

Weight: 245 lbs.

Deck Size: 33 X 75 - Phenolic Deck w/ Shock Absorption

User Weight: holds up to 325 lbs.

Running Surface: 20 X 55 running is large, compared to other treadmills within the same price range.

Sole Commercial Grade Fitness

Where To Buy A Sole F63?

Buy a Sole F63 direct from the manufacturer and save on shipping and tax costs.

Shop For Your Own Sole F63 Treadmill HERE

Final Word

The Sole F63 treadmill is a great value and exceptional for the price. If you are looking for a high quality, cheap and advanced treadmill, with the latest programs and features to track your fitness and weight loss progress, then the F63 is the right treadmill. Both consumers and fitness experts rated the Sole F63 treadmill the best treadmill for under $1000.

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